Everything you Need to Know about Energy

Energy Info Everyone has heard about our planet’s issues. Our oceans are polluted and over fished. Temperatures are rising and ice is melting. The weather gets more extreme and more and more animals are on the endangered species list. Energy Info believes a large contribution towards a more sustainable planet can be made by increasing awareness.

This website is mainly focused on explaining the differences between various kinds of energy. In particular they strain the importance of renewable energy sources. They describe, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy or the know how you need to have before ordering solar panels for your home.

Solar Energy In the future Energy Info is Planning to share knowledge about creating energy solutions for yourself. At the moment home solutions are limited to tips about saving energy at home. This of course is very important, because no matter what type of energy you use, wasting is never a good thing. Some Energy saving tips can save up to 30% of energy use. Besides this being good for our planet, it is also good for your wallet.

The demand for Energy is rising fast. This has to do with two main factors. The first is the still rising population of the world. The second is the economic development of countries such as China and India. At the moment large groups of people in China and India still do not have access to energy, but due to improving economic conditions, the demand for energy in these countries grows each day. The growth of this demand causes for higher prices, but with current energy solutions also puts extra strain on our planet. It is vital to use Renewable Energy Sources. At the moment we produce 150% more CO2 than our planet can cope with. For future generations we need to bring this back to below 100%, so that they too can enjoy living on wonderful Planet.